Go Tag-A-Long Vintage Travel Trailers?

Welcome to gotagalong.com. First thing’s first. This site is in no way affiliated with the original Go Tag-A-Long manufacturer. This is a site that was created to document times and travels in Go Tag-A-Long travel trailers (and because I just love building websites) This site will also ideally be a repository for general info on GTAL campers since the Company has been out of business for some time and information on the web is scattered and lacking. While the GTAL trailers aren’t as sought after as Airstream trailers or well known as the Scotties of the world, They’re great looking and well-built vintage travel trailers. Feel free to drop questions, suggestions or thoughts to info (at) gotagalong.com.

  1. Rob Steensen says:

    Don’t know if I can help you much but I was the last owner of this company. I bought it from the founder, Joe Dousey (sp?) around 1986. It was located in Washingtonville, Ohio and I bought it to try and launch a new trailer called Sky Coach. Joe was very old and needed to get out. He did own an rv park south of Yougstown, Ohio that I did not buy with the company. Joe never changed his trailers much so the ones he built in the mid 80’s were pretty much the same as what he built in the 60’s and 70’s. I closed it when I decided to move back to the west in 88. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions but I don’t know a lot about the early years, Rob

    • gtaladmin says:

      Wow. Thanks for getting in touch Rob. Always great to get info from the source. I’ll definitely be in touch with some questions soon.


      • Scott Kennedy says:

        Hi Chris.

        My name is Scott Kennedy. I have searched forever for a site like this. In 20 years of owning my 1970 GTAL I can count on one hand how many I’ve seen. I’d like to share pictures of mine. Same color as yours but with a Twist. I’ll surprise you on that point with pictures.
        I have signed up and seen the notice saying “log on with the link sent to your email” How long does it take to get that email. It’s been a few hours. Is it automatic? Or it it something you do?

        Itchin’ to show you some pictures.

        Kennedy In Carlsbad

        • Shagpun says:

          Howdy Scott. Sometimes it can take 10-15 minutes or so but it should have gotten there by now. You might want to check your spam/junk folders. I’d love to see some pics. You’ll probably have to post to Flickr or another site and link to them for now. I’m working on getting some new forum software in place that will allow image uploads.

    • Timo Cox says:

      Can you tell me where to find the Vin number for a Go tag along trailer. I assume it was manufactured in the late 60’s or 70’s

      Regards, Timo

      • gtaladmin says:

        Howdy Timo. Check out this post about it. Mine was on the cover for the breaker box though others have reported finding it on the tongue / hitch area as well. Hope that helps!

        • Timo says:

          Thanks for the advice. I found it on the left top side of the tongue. It was located about 1 foot back from the ball socked on the top left edge. I had to scrape the old paint and rust off to find it. The letters were faint but are large (about 3/8″ tall). My number started with a numeral and next the letter B followed by 5 more numbers. A total of 7 numbers and letters.

          Do you know any way I can find out the date of manafacture?



          • gtaladmin says:

            My date of manufacture was on the same sticker as the VIN (on the breaker box cover). it just said: 6-70. Not sure if they put that info on the tongue or not. Let me know if you figure it out.

        • Scott Kennedy says:


          A P.S. to my last note:
          Just looked at picture of your newly painted GTAL. Noticed you have the same same strange pyramid type jacks as I do. Wonder if they came standard with the trailer when new.

          Kennedy In Carlsbad

    • Deb Arnold says:

      Rob – I’m considering purchasing a 1970 tag-a-long – would you know appox how much it weighs? and if it was well built? They said it was completely restored but if there is something we should be aware of I’d appreciate it.
      How long were they in business?
      About how many were made?
      This one has a flushable toilet in it – was that common?

      Thank you

      • Shagpun says:

        Do you know how long the trailer is? Mine is just under 3000lbs and 15 long (not counting the hitch). They seems to be fairly well built. I think flush toilets were common on many models. They went out of biz in the 80s. There’s a post about the company on here.

    • KARLOZ says:

      Hello amigos, I live in Panama City, Panama in Central America and just found a 1986, 29″ Go Tag-a-Long for a $3000 dollars. I would like to know where I can buy replacement parts for it. I try to post pics but was impossible.

      Bye bye

      Panama City, Panama

  2. charles says:

    hey guys i have a tag a long i need to know the year the tail lights say 1967 but the axle being a dayton lafeyat says 03-10-69 and they are electric i have look at the breaker box and there is no sticker and the tonge has no id ether is there any other way to id this trailer and i need some parts like a entrace door its preet beet up is there any manafacture thay does doors well thts about it good luck every body on your restros wiil wait for some info oh ya its a presure water system with no heater any suggestions the syst is in great shape

    • gtaladmin says:

      Hi Charles. I’m not sure of any other way to get the year of the trailer other than the tongue or breaker box. Not sure about doors either, I’d try a good old Google search for it. The pressure system in mine isn’t hooked up. I just ran a $12 city water inlet valve through the side of the camper and hooked into the existing lines. You’d probably want to test them with air first though. I don’t have a gas heater either. A couple of electric space heater worked great this past February though.

      This site is great for restoration questions as well: http://repairingyesterdaystrailers.yuku.com/

  3. charles says:

    hey guys getting ready for paint think i am going to change the color from turqueis to black strip on white all keep you posted on how it comes out does any body know about surface prep i am going to presure wash and then sfuff with fine pad you think it needs primer its alumanum and i belive alumanum is its own adhesion well take care wait for your input

  4. Anthony Rathbun says:

    I just picked up the smallest travel trailer I have seen this week. After a little research I believe it to be a 12 FK, Go-Tag-A-Long. I’m not quite sure of the year it was manufactured though. i can’t find much info on it.

  5. charles says:

    well got the trailer painted windows all backin and the trim just about done then then new lights but my wireing is not the same as suggested i have a green brown red black no white wire any were does any body know about wireing i know the lights work but i dont want to closed up all my lights until i can test the wireing to make sure every thing works green is my primarie wire for my running lights the red run the tail but not sure of the brown or black could i have a ground chassis this is driving my crasy useing a 12 volt batt to check these thing but no luck

    • Shagpun says:

      I’m definitely not an expert with trailer wiring. I know one of those has to be the ground and not having the camper hooked up to the hitch was causing some issues for me since that’s where the ground connection was made. (I think) My camper was rigged up with boat tail light/turn signals with a simple 4 wire running under the frame. There was left turn, right turn, brake and ground if I recall. (since been replace with a 7pin for the brakes) My marker lights aren’t hooked up right now but it’s on my list so let me know how it comes out. I’ll definitely need some pointers. I’d recommend heading over to http://repairingyesterdaystrailers.yuku.com/ and asking some questions. A lot of guys who have done this stuff dozens of times.

  6. James says:

    Hello, I’m new to the site just having purchased an 11′ model last week. There wasn’t any original interior (or much else inside) and was wondering if anybody has one this small or knows of any info on the original layout?Thanks for any assistance, James

    • Shagpun says:

      Hi James. Not sure what the layout would have looked like in an 11′ model. Mine is about 18′ (including the tongue). It has the booth/bed up front, kitchen sink/stove on the passenger side, bathroom/shower, small closet, fridge, furnace, utility area on the driver’s side, fold down bench across the back and originally a bunk bed across the upper back. I’ll try to post some pics so you can get a better idea. Hope that helps.

      • James says:

        Thanks for your reply. I think that at 11′ ( w/o tongue )Precludes much possibility of having a bath/shower, maybe a port-a-potti. I’m going to take some pictures of it as is and then gut what’s left of the interior which mainly consists of some funky built cabinets and peeling paneling. It rained here today and I discovered it leaks as well which I had suspected probably from a plastic roof vent that is in obviously poor condition. I’m excited nonetheless as I’ve been looking for a while for one that I could afford ( $150) so I was expecting a project. Let the games begin!

        • Shagpun says:

          very nice. sounds like a blank slate. http://repairingyesterdaystrailers.yuku.com/ is a great resource for restoration projects.

          • James says:

            Well I got into it a bit this evening and gutted a little over half of the interior. Not terrible, especially for a Florida( humid, rainy, termites, etc.) trailer. Some rot around the windows, the leak was actually from a low spot on the roof that eventually rusted through on a seam about 12″ long. Think I will sister on some 1x to the existing roof framing and put a slight crown on them to make the water drain off. Found a floor plan I like from a 1968 Sprite the same size. Did manage to screw up the only original piece of equipment which was the avacado green sink, chipped a corner off the porcelin, big bummer. It did have the date however, 1973, October, I really didn’t know the year, somebody said on another site that the sinks had a date on them and sure enough they do.I’m heartened by what I found so far, looks doable …….

          • Shagpun says:

            excellent. I’d love to gut mine and rebuild her from the ground up. Maybe one of these days when I have the time (and money).

        • paula says:

          We couldn’t afford vents and decided to cut down a piece of plexus glass and seal with clear caulking. Cost for both $15.00 hope this helps out.

    • barbm says:

      Can you post a picture of your GTAL? I think I have one but can’t find one as small as mine until you came along! Thanks so much! Barb

  7. ben mcclain says:

    Need a wire diregram to hook up triler lights to my truck any help

    • ben mcclain says:

      Oh its a 78

    • Shagpun says:

      It will all depend on whether or not you have to hook up the brakes and what sort of connection you have on your truck. When I bought mine the brakes weren’t working so I had a simple 4 pin hook up and I bought an adapter to connect it to my 7 pin (flat) connection on my truck. A google search for 4 or 7 pin trailer wiring diagrams will turn up a ton of results. I’ve never seen a GTAL-specific wiring diagram but it should be the same as any other trailer with the same amenities (running lights, marker lights, turn signals, trailer brakes, etc.) Hope that helps.

  8. Chad Saunders says:

    Hello everyone,
    I just purchessed my first tagalong camper its a 1973 16 foot model, and love it. Its in great shape except a little rust on the roof that I will fix this summer. I am looking to purchess another 16 foot and same year. If anyone knows or is selling theirs please let me know. Also where is a good place to get parts if needed for my camper??? ?

    Chad Saunders

    Yes I am a US Marine Combat Infantry Veteran FYI

    • Dave Bowman says:

      I just fount this site. I was a teen ager when my step father and mother started manufacturing the first GTAL trailers. I worked in the factory and attended trade shows while in high school in the 60’s. I have a picture of my step dad standing with the proto type he made in a garage / shop in Youngstowh , Ohio. Mr Steensen’s Info at the top of the site is not entirely accurate. My step father died many years ago and mom just passed in Dec of 2012. I think I am the only one who knows much of the early story. I now live in Pendleton, Oregon. I would be glad to answer any questions .
      Dave Bowman
      Navy Corpsman ’69 – ’71 FYI

  9. Rose says:

    I would like to see a picture of a 1973 tagalong 18ft. Does any one have one. Got me one today but not looking so good. So I would Liketo see one.thanks

  10. Lisa says:

    I just purchased an estate that included a Go Tag-A-Long camper. It has seen better days and has some ceiling and floor damage. BUT all of the original parts are intact and most are in good restorable condition. Is there a market for ORIGINAL GTAL parts? Would it be worth parting the camper out? Is there anyone out there looking for parts for these units? Any advice your members can provide would be appreciated. Thanks!! Lisa

    Additional Info-Camper is 14′
    Original Color-Tan on White
    I cannot find a plate with the model number (Any clue where it would be located?)
    Original wheels, tongue, steps and jacks are in place.
    Original Screen door is in good shape
    All interior and exterior light fixtures are available
    Stove top is intact (operation unknown)
    Side Skin and all trim in good shape (Roof skin has been compromised)
    Original louvered windows intact
    Rear window glass broken but frame is intact
    Roof has holes causing water damage to interior wood structures/floor

  11. Steve Brakfield says:

    Just purchased a tag along 8×12 it is a work project. Hope to restore it to its original life.
    Handy unit to have for Race Days and bike festivals. Will keep you posted on progress.
    Don’t have any photos at this time but my Dad said we would start taking them tomarrow.
    Wish us luck.

  12. So happy to find this site.
    I was just able to date our trailer as a 1973 Go Tag a long from pictures in ads.
    It was a total gut job. We saved the stove and sink but are not putting them
    back in. It will be a backyard hang out for our grandkids. It has been a food
    trailer at one time so the bathroom was already gone along with all the holding
    tanks. We have been redoing the inside since August and are about to place the
    last piece of paneling. We have no title or plates so have been searching for
    the VIN just in case we decide to get plates and pull it. Thanks for this site and I
    have already gotten so much info from the comments.
    Thanks, Jessie

  13. Adrian says:

    just found an 18′ TGAL and I love it. How much should I pay for it? They’re asking $4000 it’s in great condition. Only thing that doesn’t work is the oven.

    • Shagpun says:

      That’s a tough one. A lot depends on where you’re at. At first glance that seems pretty steep though if everything is in good working order and the body/roof/frame/floor/axle/brakes/etc are in good-great condition, (and especially if it’s original equipment) that’s probably a fair price. I’ve noticed that prices for vintage trailers have been slowly rising over the past few years.

  14. Gary says:

    I just picked up an 18′ 1976 GTAL for $800, as expected its in rough shape but was able to travel over an hour as is. They said all is in working order, but I doubt it. How can I test out the water systems/ electrical and heat? I know almost nothing about campers or how any of it works. Where do I hook up power, or drain/fill the water tanks? Basically, I need all the info I can get :/
    Thanks for any help you can give!

  15. barbm says:

    Somebody post some pictures of your GTAL’s PLEASE! Especially small ones from the 60’s!!!

    Thank you! Love this site!


  16. Julie Followell says:

    Have just bought a 1981 GTAL. Glad to find this site. Its in pretty good shape. Roof needs work we know. Gonna modernize it some.

  17. Cynthia R. says:

    I just located and purchased a 1964 GTAL 14′ trailer that’s in very good condition. No title…no one can find the VIN. I tow her home on Sunday, so hopefully, I’ll be able to locate the number. So happy to have found this site!

    • Shagpun says:

      That’s great. Post some pics in the forums if you can. You might find the vin on the breaker box cover or some people have found it by scraping paint off the tongue to reveal the number stamped into the metal. Good luck and safe travels.

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