Owner’s Manual for a Go Tag-A-Long Trailer

I was lucky enough to stumble across a kind soul on the internet (thanks vintagetrailergal) who had a pdf copy of an owner’s manual for a 1971 Go Tag-A-Long camper. It looks like the year really doesn’t matter in the case of this manual. The document is actually titled the Owner’s Guide Book. (Same thing as an owner’s manual I guess). The book is much less visual than I expected. It basically consists of an over-used but albeit sweet cursive font and a hand-drawn map to the GTAL campground quaintly referred to as “Trailerville”. According to the manual, “Trailerville is an ideal 87 acre campsite available for camping and parking to all Go-Tag-A-Long owners.” This place sounds like some sort of angelic Utopia located somewhere in Ohio.

The rest of the Guide Book is mostly common sense stuff for RVers like, check this, don’t forget that, don’t EVER do that, etc. Hopefully other GTAL owners will get some use out of it as well. And last but not least… Download The Go Tag-A-Long Owner’s Manual (pdf)

  1. Cora says:

    Wow. This is great. I have been trying to find any information regarding my Go-Tag-A-Long. There really is nothing out there. Thanks so much.

  2. Mark says:

    Thanks for posting that. It’s hard to find much information about these campers, even here in Ohio where they were built. In the campground where we used our 1976 13 footer as a permanent camper, there were two other Tag-a-Longs. We’re no longer at that campground but I wish I’d known we could have had our own chapter of the “Tagaliers”
    I’ll have to check out Trailerville next time I’m near Columbiana, OH. I’m curious if the $2 per night rates are still good.

    • Bobby J young says:

      just purchased a tag-a-long. not sure of the model or year. it measures 14′ from rear bumper to front of toughn. Iam thinking its a 14FK and the man I got it from thinks it is a 1978. do you know where I might find the VIN#. this trailer has a comode but no holding tank. it has an ice box, sink, & top burner stove in front. it also has 2 gas lights in it. this little trailer is in excelent overall condition and I would like to restore it to tow behind my 55 Chevy. can you give me any info?? Thank you. Bobby

  3. Mark says:

    Bobby J, Here’s a link to some Tag a Long discussion I could have sworn was on this website at one time. Thankfully I bookmarked it for future reference.


  4. callamare says:

    I LOVE your site. Lots of good info. Was just handed down a Go-Tagalong from a favorite relative. Can’t wait to spiff it up!!
    First, though, needs some new tires. Otherwise in great shape. Soooo excited!

  5. david says:

    could tell me what the fuses are for under the door side under the bench. i just bought a 1977 model to redo. does anyone have acopy of the manual for this camper. if so please send me copy.any information is greatly needed. david russell

  6. Russell Laine says:

    just got what i think is a 71 tag-a-long believe 14 ft from tail to toung. Gold and white, front kitchen , rear dinete with overhead bunk in the rear,,, looking for wheels,,, need to know approximate weight of trailer, (can’t get it to a scale ) Any info out there would be greatly appreciated.Also are the tag a long decales available anywhere ????

    thanks Russ

  7. Steven Markowitz says:

    Can anyone tell me what the weight rating is for a 1971 14′ GTAL? I just bought one. Can’t find the serial number or any other information The circuit box was replaced and I don’t see anything on the tongue. I need to register it, so I need to know the weight.

  8. Mark says:

    I had to sand off the old paint to see the numbers stamped in the frame. Check about a foot from the body on the top side of the right frame rail. I no longer have the camper but we sure had some fun weekends in it! Good Luck!!

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