VIN / Serial Number Location for Go Tag-A-Long Campers

For those of you wondering where the VIN is located on Go Tag-A-Long Travel Trailers, It’s located on a sticker on the front of the breaker box. The date of manufacture is also found there as well. (at least it was in the late 60’s early 70’s. can’t speak to location in later years). There have also been reports of people finding the VIN (or some other number) somewhere on the tongue under years of paint. Again, this is an unconfirmed account so who knows. Perhaps not the best practice to put a VIN printed on a sticker placed on a removable cover but some of them have made it through anyway.

  1. Cora says:

    After reading your post I was all excited about finding the VIN number, I ran to my camper opened the closet door where the breaker box is and saw nothing. I then put a wire brush on my drill and started taking the pain off the tongue. Yes!!! After taking off I don’t know how many layers of paint I found the faint numbers on the top left side of the tongue. They do not look like the numbers on a car they are very large. The number should look something like this: 8B1148. now I just have to find out how to tell what year it is.

  2. gtaladmin says:

    Great to hear Cora. That’s the same format that my VIN is; six digit number/letter combo, though none of the VIN numbers correspond to any of the numbers/letters on my date of mfg as far as I can tell. Not sure where else to look. I was informed by a former GTAL employee that they started using more “western” color schemes in the mid-late 70’s. The turquoise was used late 60’s/early 70’s apparently. You may try to check some of the appliances for dates. I know my stove/oven has some labels though I’ve never really taken a close look.

  3. Mark says:

    Awesome, the wife and I just picked up a GTAL and are ready to get it into shape (of some kind). I’ll be back again. Thanks

  4. Scott says:

    I’m trying to purchase a GTAL (which is not currently registered) but we can’t find the VIN anywhere and this makes it next to impossible to register and insure.

    For those with the VIN on the tongue (it isn’t on the breaker box) it isn’t under the platform for the propane tanks by any chance is it? I haven’t tried to remove that yet.

  5. jimmy mccann says:

    Thank you so much, i just pickedupa Gtal from the side of a house i have been driving past for twenty years on the way to my moms house in cape may new jersey.all it took was a knock on the door and she said “take it”….she was useing it as a storage shed. As usual the titles whereabouts are unknown, so i began a search. Thanks to you i now have a place to look. I enjoy going online and looking at some of these dinosaurs and seeing what folks have done to them. You have solved my initial problem,thank you.

    Im going to fix mine up and drag it to sturgis this year. I will take pictures of the resto all the way thru. …….thanks again. I was going crazy looking for the number..well, crazier….

    • Shagpun says:

      Excellent Jimmy. Can’t wait to see some pics.

      • Jimmy mccann says:

        you can rest assured I will get pictures to you before and afte, this is my spring project to take it to Sturgis in August. the old girl is in pretty rough shape from city, I guess my best bet is to see how roadworthy she is with the leaf springs that are currently on . from everything I see online it appears to be an early 1970a, does anyone know what size ball hitch this will take?.. I can’t wait to converse with all of you about this wonderful fine I found in have been looking at on the way to my mom’s house for 20 years. I feel like I should certainly be on the show pickers. I’ll talk was a nice conversation at a knock on the door and it was mine. this truly is a wonderful life

  6. Jimmy mccann says:

    You got it aha…..thanks for the info on the ball. if some of my post looks weird it’s because I’m using my talk to speech program on my computer. that darn technology makes me look like I’m a literate… however you get the gist of what I’m sayin…lol

  7. Jimmy mccann says:

    I will keep you posted I am picking it up this weekend

    Yay for Jimmy!.

  8. barbara says:

    I resently got a camper in the 1980″s. It doesn’t have a title.I have been looking everywhere for the Vin numbers.I have found some on the tongue.I can”t make all of them out.I don”t no the year of the camper.All I no its made in the 80″s But I am trying everything.I have tried weir brushes,oven cleaner,nail polish remover,rust remover..Does anybody have any ideals? It sleeps 4 and in excellent condition.I love it!

  9. lorraine smith says:

    Can not find a Breaker box or Vin number on my 1965 Tagalong looked every where

  10. HFrisque says:

    Hi, we just purchased out trailer on Saturday from a junk yard. The only tag we can find was on the door. It is a Serial number 34966. Says Built by Roll-A-Long Trailers, Sporster, Tag-A-Long , and Challenger. Built at 124 N. La Brea Ave. Los Angeles , 36 California
    Have no idea what the 36 is for. would LOVE information on where to go for some history? Thanks

    • Shagpun says:

      Hi. There’s some history on GTALs throughout this site and mainly here but it’s pretty sparse. Not much out there as the company was gone long before the internet was even a “thing”. If you find any new info, please share!

      • HFrisque says:

        Thank you, we think she is from the ’40s. Trying to figure out how to upload a picture of our little girl.

        • Shagpun says:

          Awesome. Probably not a Go Tag Along trailer in that case. Still love to see some pics. You can try to post in the forums. I’ve been toying with the notion of expanding the scope of this site to include all vintage travel trailers so perhaps this will be the first cross-brand post!

  11. blondie4664 says:

    I just purchased a 1967 Hou camper trailer. Guess the Hou is an abbreviation for house???. After looking at hundreds of pictures on the internet, and with some help from Tim Heinz, it has been determined that it is a Tag-A-Long. It was painted by hand and used in a deer camp. Since the label for the Tag-A-Long is a sticker, guess they peeled it off to paint it. If anyone can help, Tim Heinz can. He is a member of Tin Can Tourists. He lives in Florida and remodels old camper trailers. I guess it really wasn’t necessary to find out for sure, because I have a title in my name. Curiosity killed the cat. LOL If anyone has any pictures of the interior of something close to a 1967, I would greatly appreciate seeing them. The fridge and stove have both been removed and the table is missing. I would like to have an idea of what I should be looking for. I have the sink which is turquoise. I assume it is original. There is a round vent low on the side of the trailer, next to the door. Could this be a vent for the refrigerator. The kitchen area is not on that side, but not sure what the vent could be for other than that. Mine has an 11 ft box, not including the tongue. Thanks for your help. Kay

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