The Go Tag-Along Gets a Fresh Paint Job

The paint on my GTAL was decent but it was starting to fade and chip a bit. Time for a fresh coat. After reviewing this excellent thread on painting travel trailers, I decided that over-coating the current paint would be fine. I sanded down a few of the areas that were chipping and touch up a few small dents with some bondo. A little spot priming with spray primer and lot of tape. Taping off is a pain but worth it when you get to peel off the tape.

For paint, I used one gallon of Sherwin Williams DTM gloss for the white and about a half gallon All Surface Enamel high gloss for the turquoise. I bought a $70 Wagner electric paint gun and it worked great. The previous paint job already had what they call an “orange peel” finish so I wasn’t worried about getting too fancy with it. It helps to hide some of the imperfections too. Add another $40 for paper, tape, primer, etc. and I had a pretty nice $200 paint job.

  1. OwlsGoHoot says:

    Great Job! Looks rather familiar to our GTAL…where can I post photos?!

    • Shagpun says:

      Thanks! If you already have the pics online (like in a Flickr account) you can post them in the forum using the img button or you can just link to a gallery. Image uploading is still on the todo list.

  2. Heather says:

    Hey I love your gtal! Mine is a 71. I”m looking for a lefty lug bolt, any suggestions? would love to install a fresh water tank one of these days. could be an endless project

    • Shagpun says:

      Definitely an endless project. Not sure about lug bolts. Your guess is as good as mine (or better maybe). A fresh water tank is on my todo list as well. I have the original pressurized aluminum tank still but I’d be surprised if it doesn’t have a leak in it. My original water heater had a huge crack. Good luck!

  3. 2002Trooper4me says:

    It is a sharp camper. I am arguing with myself about what color to paint on mine, and what design to use. I am not trying to keep it all original, but instead make tasteful upgrades along the way since so much of mine is in need of work.

  4. charles lee says:

    I am looking for someone a digital p of the front and of the name go tag alon on th on the trailer so I can rea re create th so I can re create the sticker

    • Shagpun says:

      Hi Charles. Mine have been painted over though you may try asking in the forums to see if anyone can get a clear pic for you. Seem like I remember someone else discussing the issue. Let me know if you get a good digital file to work from!

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