About The Go Tag A Long Company

If you own a GTAL, you’ve probably realized that there’s very little info on the web about these campers. Through a little research and kind-hearted former employees (even a former owner), I’ve been able to gather a little insight into the now defunct company.

From a former employee:

Go Tag-A-Long was the company name. They made several different models ranging from 14′ to 24′ and in several floorplans in each size. The year before I left, they had even started making truck campers in a couple different sizes. [in the mid-seventies?] they changed color schemes to a southwest tone – dark yellows and oranges for the accent colors outside – before that it was dark greens and browns – the turquoise hadn’t been used for several years.

From a former owner: (via a comment on this post)

Don’t know if I can help you much but I was the last owner of this company. I bought it from the founder, Joe Dousey (sp?) around 1986. It was located in Washingtonville, Ohio and I bought it to try and launch a new trailer called Sky Coach. Joe was very old and needed to get out. He did own an rv park south of Yougstown, Ohio that I did not buy with the company. Joe never changed his trailers much so the ones he built in the mid 80′s were pretty much the same as what he built in the 60′s and 70′s. I closed it when I decided to move back to the west in 88.

  1. april says:

    I was wondering.. I had a 1971 14′ go-tag-along… It was in rough shape..windows and screens broken and ceiling ruined from water leakage.. Would you know the value of this camper in this shape?

  2. Matt says:

    I have a gutted 1964 GTAL who’s body and window are in good shape… the window mechanisms, however, don’t work on several. Can just the opening/closing mechanism be replaced? And where can I find such a thing?

    Thanks for any help… info is lacking on these campers!

  3. Shagpun says:

    Hi Matt. A few of the windows on mine are messed up to where I have to pull them up by hand until the crank catches it and they also don’t stay tightly closed. They flap pretty good going down the highway too. I’m sure you could find new mechanisms via Camping World or some place like that but I’ve found that the new stuff doesn’t fit these old campers most of the time. Perhaps there’s a camper junkyard. This site is pretty good too. I got a new door knob/lock from them that fit like a glove. http://www.vintagetrailersupply.com/

  4. Matt Nagy says:

    I’m wondering if anyone knows the exact color of the turquoise/seafoam green that is on almost all go tag-alongs? I’m thinking about painting mine, but the last owner painted that section a baby blue. That information has to be out there somewhere!

    • Shagpun says:

      Hi Matt. Sorry for the late reply. I had the old GTAL on a week long trip. We took her 2000 miles and she pulled like a champ the whole way.

      Not sure of the exact color but I used “6766 Mariner” Gloss All-Surface enamel (latex) from Sherwin Williams. It’s pretty darn close. I just used a cheap Wagner paint sprayer and it worked great as the camper already had that “orange peel” look. It’s holding up pretty good after a year though my prep work was apparently lack luster in some areas and the old paint underneath is causing it to peel away at some seams. Nothing major but I’ll probably have to repaint the blue next year. I didn’t use any primer but more importantly I should have sanded and prepped the existing paint better. Hope that helps.

      • Matt Nagy says:

        Hi Shagpun,
        For some reason I never saw this reply! Thanks… I still haven’t done the paint job, so I will check the local Sherwin Williams place and see how it looks.

        2000 mile trip! Nice… Maybe someday mine will be ready. 🙂

  5. Scott Snyder says:

    I took the trailer entrance door handle apart of my 1973 GTAL (key mechanism was messed up) now I can’t seem to get it back together. Any schematics out there or can anyone help me out.

    • Shagpun says:

      Not sure if there are any schematics available for those things but mine was a Bargman handle/lock that I replaced entirely via vintagetrailersupply.com since I didn’t have the original keys. I just checked out that site and didn’t see the one I bought. Seems like it was around $60. You might just try Google/YouTube to see if anyone else has dealt with it before.

      Good Luck.

  6. Susan Weed says:

    Is his website still active? I have registered twice and was sent the link in my email to activate my membership and both times it was an inactive link. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help!!!


  7. Susan Weed says:

    I acquired a 1972 13 foot Tagalong in May. My husband and I have gutted the entire thing due to water damage, and have added new framing to replace the old–plus some just to make it sturdier. We took off the skin in front and front side to rebuild the front and front right corner. I have cleaned the aluminum windows and replaced almost all the old rusty screws. Yesterday, my son helped me put in a new fan vent. I have Bondoed the heck out of it and now it is ready to be primed. The i side is completely raw so that is my July project!

    I found a guy who can make a new Tagalong vinyl logo for the front and rump of my camper. He said if I find anybody else who would like one, we could share the setup fee. Anyone who might be interested can let me know and I will post his contact information. He does all sorts of vintage logos but my Tagalong would be the first he has done.


  8. Shagpun says:

    Sounds like a heck of a project. I’d love to gut my GTAL just to put some better paneling inside. Maybe birch. I’d love to see some pics. Can’t post them directly to this site (see previous post about things needing to be fixed!) so you’d have to post at flickr or somewhere like that and link to them.

    I’m definitely interested in the decals (pending cost and quality of course).

  9. john says:

    I just got my 1st tag a long and very happy to have it .only from seat cushion do I find a date (1969)
    the elec. box looks to be change out so no ID. there, its only around 12′ long so its tight.I have yet to start repairs because I think of exspantion and contraction of material.in the mean time I am thinking of what I might change and I don’t want any wires or plumbing to be seen.
    It has a small sink ,no water heater ,a 3 burner stove very small fridg and a wall heater .and just a toilet no shower head.I would like to put one in so I also need to add a water heater.any thoughts or help you might have I would be very happy to hear.I really want to try to get it right the 1st time.I will be gutting the inside and replaceing or repairing the outside.and will enjoy all of it.
    Thanks have a great day I live in new jersey

    • Susan says:

      Hi John. Congrats on your new project. I completely gutted mine and now I sort of regret it. I would suggest trying to keep the original stuff in place and resurface it if salvageable. If you do gut it, keep what you pull out so you have patterns to follow. The main reason I see for gutting is if you have to put in a whole new subfloor, which I have done. Wanting to hide wiring can be done craftily. Here is the main thing to remember: enjoy the trailer. Camp in it. Once you get started it will take a couple years to finish! Susan

      • john says:

        Morning ,Thanks’ at the moment I have a rim with rusty lugs and a flat so I ‘m not going anywhere,I get your point I want to save all I can even the layout.and I will take my time to do all of it ‘for me it is the journey.
        I want to add a hot water heater, and a showerhead
        Have a nice day and thanks for responding John

  10. Felicia says:

    Jello I just purchased a vintage GTAL. It has everything intact. I was just wondering if anybody knew the weight of a 14ft GTAL. Can it be towed with a Jeep Cherokee Sport.

    • Shagpun says:

      Mine is 18′ including the tongue and weighs right around 3000 lbs when reasonably loaded. Not sure what the tow capacity of the jeep would be, but the most important part is the brakes. I’d make sure those are working properly.

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