Backing Up a Travel Trailer Into a Tight Spot

It’s been a long while since we’ve taken the old GTAL out for a trip. Nearly two years actually. The primary reason was a huge house addition that consumed nearly all of 2013. Not only did we not have time to go camping, we couldn’t even get our travel trailer out of the back yard as there were construction materials everywhere. Long story short, we weren’t sure we’d get the old girl out anyway (much less back in) since our driveway lost about 4′ of width. The math technically worked out with a few inches to spare on each side but it was something I was stressing for a year. The camper is about 98″ wide including fill neck, door knob etc. My opening was now about 108″ wide at its smallest point. That’s a tight squeeze.

We went on our first trip since the addition and in the end, pulling the camper out went smooth and we were done in a couple of minutes. Now the task was to get the camper back in to our backyard. Let me also mention that there is no way to pull straight in and turn around as the lot is very narrow. A trailer dolly would have been the last resort option and might not have worked anyway. Thankfully it never came to that. I post this as inspiration for people who have a tight spot to back into. My advice: go really slowly.